Under the Sea Hunt - Tarnished & Beautiful Freak & Curio Obscura etc.

Hi all. Great and not too difficult hunt called the The Lost Pearls of Hanalei at the event Under the Sea Expo. This hunt and the event is over on June 26th, so you should do it as soon as possible. Great and fun prizes are to be had, and it is a must for those interested in mers. You are looking for a note with a pearl on it.

I am also showing one of the latest releases from EMO-tions. It is a very lovely upsweep "Daisy" that was first made for one of my favourite models in SL - Falbala Fairey when she was a Top Model SL finalist 2013. It is now being released in all colours at the main store.

I have to also say I love the prize from Curio Obscura - the "necklace" I am wearing - aptly named "Exotic necklace from the Human World" it gave me a giggle when I tried it on. 
Under the Sea Hunt Start: look for the Yellow exclamation mark near the main TP

Tarnished: Teal Seafoam Mermaid Under The Sea Hunt Prize
Curio Obscura: "Exotic necklace from the Human World" Under The Sea Hunt Prize
Beautiful Freak: Eldrich teal face Tattoo Under The Sea Hunt Prize
House of Rain: Bring on the Dancing Horses ring silver (also a necklace not shown) Under The Sea Hunt Prize
AQP: Emerald Mermaid Scenario with animations (this is quite large) Under The Sea Hunt Prize
cStar Limited - TAO Geisha 4 - Unicorn Ash 20L Gacha 
EMO-tions: Daisy - Silver