Skinthesis 50% Skin Sale, some 50L deals and some Freebies

Skinthesis is having a skin sale with all skins at least 50% off to welcome the upcoming carnivale of decadence that is Mardi Gras! There are also fashion & fantasy skins for only 50L each. 

Cane's hint for the crazy discounts: Think traditional Mardi Gras colors - purples, golds, & greens!
Eyes and Makeups are also discounted.

Here is a sample of a few of the 50L skins I found at the store. Most of the skins come in male and female versions and both are for sale. These are unusual skins so if you want to add them to your collection this is the time.
Exquisite Corpses -Succubus 50L
 Death Mask- Moldie Oldie 50L
 Coveted - Emerald 50L
 Mindi-Gold dust Woman - 50L 
 Sidhe -Nisse-Yellow Seelie 50L
 Sidhe-Pixie Green-seelie 50L
 Sidhe-Sylph-Purple-Seelie 50L
 Star Kitten Ears- Galatic 50L
 Star Kitten Ears- Stellar 50L
 Star Kitten Ears - Constellation 50L
 Elvenwood - Simply Golden 50L

With the sale notice came a lovely pair of Special Edition Mardi Gras eyes. There are some freebies around the store. Two past group gift skins are out for all to take (White Pearl is one), as well as a Walk like an Eygptian Eyeliner.  There are also some free Na-vi accessories.

There is also an awesome but kinda scary Mardi Gras mask freebie.