Catacomb Princess - {aii} at The Arcade

Aii. Catacomb Princess

Hi all. {aii} has released a just very beautiful unisex outfit for the June round of The ArcadeAii. Catacomb Prince Princess has a male(dark)  and female (pale) outfit. There are 8 pieces to collect with 2 Rare. The very cool animated skull with a tailbone comes in a jeweled and bejeweled version. 

Aii. Catacomb Prince Princess | Clothing & Accessories L$75 per play • 8 to collect (2 rare). Visit Aii at The Arcade
LUNACY - Aethernal Pass, demo available via TP, 350L.The Secret Affair
NYNE - Suzie Hair includes shell accessory (not shown), 3 color packs available, demo available, 200L each/450L fatpack.The Secret Affair
TM CREATIONS Cascading Rocks and Plants Scene, 12LI, 450L.The Secret Affair
Harshlands - Skull decor (common) The Secret Affair
Stonerella - Sirens pose (1) The Secret Affair