Hi all. We <3 Role-Play starts on the 4th of the month at 1:00pm SLT - this May round is a very special one as it celebrates WLRP's 5th Birthday and there will be many birthday gifts from creators. Many items are 50% off for the event, or exclusive to the event. May Shopping guide.

Fallen Gods Inc - Draco - Ice at May WLRP
Les Encantades - Crystal Bloody Onyx (outfit and boots) at WLRP
Body Language - SS POSE Fighting Dance C at WLRP
Jangka Design - Thranduil Crown Turquoise at WLRP

Fantasy Faire 2018 - Shopping continuing until May 7th
Bliensen+MAITAI - Necklace Aziza - Erstwhile 
TR - Touryuumon: Maho Sukuroru Cursed Eye applier RFL Eyes at Athenaeum Arcana
Attitude is an Artform - Orbb D'Ariquelle (RFL) - Weapon - FF2018 at Athenaeum Arcana

Last Chance at April The Secret Affair - ends on May 5th 
3rd Eye Perception - Titans Grave Set includes 2 options, 10LI, c/m/nt, 599L. Prophecy Stones Set includes 6 options, 9 - 11LI, c/m/nt, 499L. Titan Skull Set includes 4 options, 6LI, c/m/nt, 399L.

Lock&Tuft - Maren - Fifty Linden Friday Special last week
Catwa Lilly head
Maitreya Body