The Walls Do Not Fall - WLRP

Walls Do Not Fall - WLRP

Hi all. The April round of WLRP is opening today at 1pm SLT. Great round as always. The gorgeous chiton style dress from Una is really lovely.  It comes with a long vest that is either sheer or solid and in a number of colours.

We <3 Role-Play Open today at ​4th at 1 PM SLT
We <3 Role-Play Shopping Guide.

From the The Walls Do Not Fall by H.D. who I love and was an imagist poet.

"But we fight for life,
we fight, they say, for breath,
or what good are your scribblings?
this – we take them with us
beyond death;

Una - Alana  (shown in pale blue) the Fatpack has extra colour options this has a short and long option, a sheer and non-sheer version with three belt styles (not shown)  (there is also a 2nd dress style Thali by Una at this event) WLRP (April)
Lucas Lameth - The Village WLRP (April)
La Boheme - Face paint (Catwa)WLRP (April)
Your Dreams - Flower Lamps WLRP (April)
Anatomy Glow eye - Blue WLRP (April)
Bliensen & MAITAI -  Nimue necklace at WLRP (April)
An Lar Poses - The Jupiter Series at WLRP (April)

Clawtooth: Margeaux at Fameshed (3 HUD options)

CURELESS [+]  Serotonine II in Beige
{aii} Fantasy Eyebrow pack Black and White 1 (white shown)
The Plastik - NEW RELEASE - Coming soon
Catwa Lilly head
Maitreya body