Strange Waters - Fantasy Faire 2018

Strange Waters - Fantasy Faire 2018
Hi all. The Fantasy Faire 2018 is still going strong but there are just 3 more days of fantasy bliss.
Wonderful items from Lumae, The Little Bat (and TIDAL), GHOUL, B&C and Poet's Heart are shown here.

Fantasy Faire items:
Poet's Heart: Lyta outfit, with transparency option and colour HUD Available at Falls Of Hope SIM FF2018
Bite & Claw: Ltya Accessories
Lyta accessory set is available in 4 regular metal colours and 1 exclusive RFL colour at Fantasy Faire from April 19-29. Slip dress available from Poet's Heart(collar not shown) Direct SLURL to Falls Of Hope location FF2018
TLB (The Little Bat) !TLB - Aed Eyes at Fantasy FF2018 and
!TLB - Kur Headchain with HUD Severina Sim FF2018 (Direct SLURL)
Ghoul - these great legs by GHOUL are there RFL special (they also have other colours) these Legs are rigged and fitted for ISIS, FREYA and LARA
wow - these are just great
They also have a Belleza Jake version for men
Ghoul} Otohime Legs
Colors: 7 Lights and 8 Darks
Sizes: Belleza Isis, Freya and Maitreya Lara
Versions: 2 included in each color : Glossy and a Less Glossy one
 At the Pools of Ethuil Sim FF2018  (direct SLURL)
The Plastik: Helianne Earrings (there is a matching  Headdress as well) at Fantasy Faire with colour changing HUD at the Pools of Ethuil Sim (direct SLURL)
 ~TIDAL~ Naiad's Dream Scale Applier in 6 colours with tintable white option. Body Scales - located on Willows of Nienna Sim (Direct SLURL)
Lumae NEOMA - Ethesi - has this great skin out for you - she has four skins in gray and lavender tones for Catwa etc. , LAQ that are available at 50% discounted price with 100% of proceeds going to the American Cancer Society and RFL to raise funds so we can keep fighting cancer!  Lumae is at the Pools of Ethuil (direst SLURL)
 ZIAM Hair, 3 color packs available, demo available, 200L each/480L fatpack.(2nd style also available - these are really nice (THIS ONE HAS A LEAF HEADDRESS OPTION ) at The Secret Affair
#BESOM~ Perfect Nails (Claws) Lara, Vista, Slink
{aii} #6 Moirai Horns Lavander {aii} (past Gacha Threads of Fate)
Pose Del May
Maitreya Body
Catwa Lilly head
{anc} bubbles
Taken at the Fantasy Faire Junction