Plug In the Stars

Plug in the Stars
Hi all. Lovely gacha - The Celestine Gatcha. set - at The Epiphany by the talented Vae of the The Plastik. There are for RARES a very cool couch, magical daybed, and celestial cake and specials banners for the exclusive prize. In Vae's words she went with the space theme as it is close to her own heart: "Once again I indulge my witchy, celestial loving side with a gatcha focusing on constellations, comfort, and stargazing!" See her blog here:

Also great news! The Fantasy Faire 2018 has been extended by a week, which I think is wonderful as I have not had time to show you everything (or even visit all the sims) 10 days is just not enough for SL's most amazing event. 

The Plastik - The Celestine Gacha - at the Epiphany
Shown Commons
Artsy Stars Wall Decor
Loonalamp Table Decor
Scorpius Pixielight
Starmapp Rug w/stars at The Epiphany 
(::Una::) Yanni (skirt has lace option and some transparency) at the Kinky Event Kinky event 28th April-25th of May) 

Fantasy Faire (extended by a week yay! until May 7th)
The Plastik: Vylian skin: Marella (there is a male equivalent) at the Fantasy Faire at the Pools of Ethuil Sim 
The Plastik The Vylriann Eyes. Kinn Comes with appliers for many heads including Catwa
at the Fantasy Faire at the Pools of Ethuil Sim
Bliensen + MaiTai - Valkaryie Headdress (Ear
Wings) in Gold and Silver - FF2018 Erstwhile Sim 
Pose: Del May
Body Maitreya
Head Catwa Lilly
Hair Limerence (past gacha)