{aii} has issued the discounted  Armored Liless Suit, available in a number of metallic. It is very cool - like a dark Jeanne D'Arc oufit. At the same time there is a great hunt item out the {aii}Bento Hagoromo Shawl as part of the Finder's Keeper's Hunt.

{aii} Armored Liless Suit
Available at the main store! DISCOUNTED Liless Suit (shown in silver)Retexture
{aii} Bento Hagoromo Shawl Hunt Gift: Finder's Keepers Hunt
{aii} Rogue hair in store
{aii}  Allure skin
{aii}Celestial Halo FREEBIE  Free particle effect only at Novus location! with HUD
DISORDERLY. / Removed Prayer (crosses) these were at @Remnant Dark Days (ended)
CURELESS ANTINATURAL[+] Post-Human / Monsterhand Black / MAITREYA at Lootbox 
CURELESS Surgical Lighting Eyes includes 11 options, applier compatible, 50L Latest Fifty Linden Friday
Hextraordinary - Canterbury Fountain Feb 16th 2018 Fifty Linden Friday <a
Hextraordinary Skrying Crystal (older item from 2015)
Pose: Del May