Goldfishy - ✿nani✿ at The Arcade


Hi all. When I saw this set on my flick feed I knew I had to photograph it - photographs in SL are inspired and made possible by creators and the amazing things they make - thanks ✿nani✿ for your creativity! The set in the photo is nani Dreamy Pond set  at The Arcade. Thanks also to Skye E for helping me get some pieces. It is just a gorgeous set and I also know that I will be re-blogging the various fish in this set for many moons as they are amazing as well.  There are two sets of  awesome rare hair in this set one of them is the Goldfish hair (which I also covet) but shown here with the water option turned on (it can be turned off) is nani - dreamy pond - underwater hair [fatpack] RARE - yea a fatpack. This set makes me so thrilled to be SL again. Learn more about the set here. Read the Dreamy Pond Story by nani.

nani Dreamy Pond set - The Arcade
nani - dreamy pond - underwater hair [fatpack] RARE (with water option turned on -it can be turned off)
nani - dreamy pond - lilypad dress [maitreya] RARE
nani - Dreamy Pond, Body Weeds 1 (Unrig)
nani - Dreamy Pond, Goldfish (1)
nani - dreamy pond - fish balloon (3 shown)
nani - dreamy pond - lotus set (2 shown)
nani - dreamy pond - cup of fish
nani - dreamy pond - fish iv stand
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