Hi all. Lovely outfits at Lootbox by UNA called Kaori. It comes in both a short and long version, dress, jacket, and corset and shoes. Pick up your Lootbox goodies before April 19th! As well {aii} has a gorgeous mask coming to Neo Japan - the ask itself comes in various colours with a tongue option. Also coming up in April is The Secret Affair- I am showing +AH+ Bastet earrings with are inspired by ancient Egypt.

Una - Kaori Long Dress, Kaori Jacket, Kaori Long Dress corset at Lootbox
{aii} + Enlightened Kintsukuroi Mask + {egosumaii} shown in Gold II soon at Neo Japan
+AH+ Bastet Ear Piercing with HUD soon at The Secret Affair (April) Catwa compatible Read more about the item here:
{aii} #8 Golden Lantern Sakkat {egosumaii} Nov. Lootbox gacha item
lock&tuft - west dreaded hair this Fifty Linden Friday Special (may be still out)
+Half-Deer+ Chinese Lanterns [Set of 4 colors] past Fifty Linden Friday special, +Half-Deer+ has two items at this week Fifty Linden Friday  event