Valkryie Rising - WLRP

Valkyrie Rising - WLRP

Hi all. We <3 Role-Play starts later today and it looks like a great round with a new set-up. I am wearing the great Moon Elixir outfit Astrid. The extra long hair is by Tableau Vivant and called Lorelei shown here in brown. The lovely Tiara is by Runic. The eyes are by La Boheme and called Aldrin. The flight pose is by Poseiden. The broadsword is by [FAR].I&R did this great alexandrina tattoo. WLRP Opens Feb 4th
Mushilu: JonJamesV ships (shown here the Viking Ships) is also at WLRP. This is a set of modular ships, it has 32 independent parts, all the parts have physics. The impact per piece is 1-9. There are Four prefabricated boats: a small ship, caravel, galleon and a Viking ship You can build infinite combinations.
I am also wearing the Blueberry Icon wings in Metallics (Gold shown here). Blueberry's flash sale is still on for the rest of the weekend, but the latest releases like the Icon wings are not discounted.

Moon Elixir - Astrid WLRP
Tableau Vivant -- Lorelei - Browns WLRP
Mushilu: JonJamesV Viking Ships WLRP
.: Runic :. Pyra Set - Tiara (earrings and necklace not shown) WLRP
[FAR] Unscripted Wolf Pack Greatsword WLRP
Pose: Poseidon Flight Complete 13 - 18 (Pose 15 shown) WLRP
I&R alexandrina tattoo (fresh)WLRP
Eyes: La Boheme - Aldrin. At WLRP

Blueberry - Icon - Angel Wings - Gold Pack (in-store)
Skin: Cureless - Atropine - Beige
Head: Catwa Lilly
Body: Maitreya