Chameleon - Clawtooth and Oubliette

Hi all. The Epiphany opens Jan. 15th and Clawtooth has two amazing styles there for you to play for - Marie (shown here) and Chloe (with a cute winter hat). As well I am wearing the gorgeous new outfit from Oubliette - the Katsumi Kimono. It has 6 colours (all gorgeous) and the Fatpack comes with 2 extra colours, and each colour comes with a HUD to change the colour of the obi. Oubliette made the outfit in Belleza, Slink and Maitreya versions. As well you can also get the Katsumi Tiptoe Getas (shown) to go with the outfit and it has an amazing HUD with 15 sock colours and 13 ribbons, 4 shoe versions and 4 metal choices. Both are at the Anybody event opened Jan. 7th runs until the 30th. The wonderful skin is by Cureless in store. The chameleon by Jian  that is held comes with a with a gorgeous habitat (not shown) and is at C88.

Clawtooth Marie B& W with roots for The Epiphany opens Jan. 15th - get excited
Oubliette: Katsumi Kimono. Each Kimono comes with HUD with 7 colour changing option for the obi, kimono comes in 6 colours,with Maitreya, Slink, Belleza body versions. Fatpack comes with two bonus colours. Anybody event, opened Jan. 7th runs until the 30th.
Oubliette: Katsumi Tiptoe Geta Fatpack comes with 15 socks, 13 ribbons, 4 shoe versions, and 4 metals. at Anybody event, opened Jan. 7th runs until the 30th
Jian: Chameleon habitat (with wearable version and comes with really lovely chameleon tank - not shown) at C88 until Jan 30th
White Widow: Geisha version Invictus II Tattoo in store (past Uber release)
Cureless: Atropine Beige skin in store
Enfer Sombre: Fantasy lashes for Coral Gacha at Lootbox until Jan 20th
Background: [[RH]] Screen (past gacha)
Catwa Head Lilly
Maitreya body