Centaur Crossing - Tentacio & {PSYCHO:Byts} & {anc} & Mushilu

Centaur Crossing
Hi all, Great things at The Epiphany as usual and I have not taken off this outfit since I got it last week, I like galloping around SL. Tentacio & {PSYCHO:Byts} did a wonderful collaboration in making a fantasy centaur avatar - Children of Diana and the deer lower body is wonderful and works well with Maitreya mesh bodies and is animated. There are 19 commons and 1 RARE in this gacha and a number of ways to wear the outfits if you want to adapt this as a longer term look.

As well these great Poppies are from Collabor88 and by {anc}one of my favourite garden and décor store. They come in a variety of colours and I may still fatpack these as I tend to use this stores décor items over and over.

The ruins in the background are by Mushilu - Forest Ruins and are in store and very reasonably prices at 250L. Thanks also to Chandni for making the great sign (older gacha item)!

Personal stories: When I was growing up on a farm, we had deer come to our apple trees in the fall (and they would sometimes ring the same trees in the winter). They would shake the apples off of the dwarf apple trees by bumping the trees and take just one bite of each one that fell....

Tentacio & {PSYCHO:Byts} Children of Diana - 19 commons 1 Rare - at The Epiphany.
Shown Apple Antlers (Common),Dear Ears (orange - these are animated) (Common), Elephant Necklace (green) (Common), Deer Body (RARE, with colour changing HUD and animation), Fur, Beige (Common).
CURELESS[+] skin - Morphine (updated version in-store, this is the 2015 version)
{aii} Crystal Gems Etoile
{anc} Poppies (fresh) at Collabor88
Mushilu - Forest Ruins - instore
Curemore - Lost Paradise - Forbidden Fruits (fire) from past The Epiphany (October)
ELIKATIRA - Noelia - This weeks Fifty Linden Friday special (everything in the store is still 75% off!
Kei's Fall Harvest Gacha (macintosh apple tree) - old gacha item from Gacha Guardians
Dutchie mesh apple with a bite taken out
*~*HopScotch*~* Advisory sign - Centaur Crossing old gacha item - old gacha item Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Catwa Lilly Head
Maitreya Body