Santa Muerte Magick - The Secret Affair


The Secret Affair runs Dec 5th - Jan 5th this round. TP to The Secret Affair

The Theme this month is Black Christmas! So look for festive but spooky items. Some vendors will be joining the event on the 15th, so stay tuned for more great things.

The cool outfit is the picture is called Frida *LuLu* abd is at The Secret Affair. As well you can find some great poses by Stonerella, who does great bento poses, she also has a couple pose at the event. The décor in the photo is by 3rd Eye Perceptions, and is amazing as you can see. Shown is the Mourning Stone Adult Bench in light (right), the Mourning Stones (light), and the Mourning Circle. Also at The Secret Affair is a great set by Harsh Lands that I will be blogging later in the week.


*LuLu* Frida in ONYX (outfit) The Secret Affair
Pose: Stonerella - Mrs. Krampus  (Bento poses with poses and Hud) The Secret Affair
Decor: 3rd Eye Perceptions - Mourning Stone Adult Bench, 3 options available, 13LI, c/m/nt, 899L each. Mourning Stones includes 3 versions, 3 options available, 8 - 12LI each, c/m/nt, 599L each. Mourning Stone Sconce, 3 options available, 5LI, c/m/nt, 199L each. Mourning Circle, 3 options available, 13LI, c/m/nt, 399L each The Secret Affair
KatatOnik Dead Santa RARE The Arcade: runs until Dec 31st
The Plastik: Christmas Cathere Mirror (Gold and Silver) - Fifty Linden Friday
Belleza Catawa applier Piper Makeup - Fifty Linden Friday
Exile: Maybe, bento compatible, 2 color packs available, demo available, Fifty Linden Friday

Nail Appliers: On a Lark - Snowflake 25 Linden Tuesday
background {anc} ripple. oil
Dysfunctionality: Ground Sparkles  25 Linden Tuesday