Swamp Angel - The Gacha Garden

Hi all. The Gacha Garden opens on November 1st and runs the whole month. There are over 90 great Second Life designers. The cool ghosts are Cinphul Boobaes and they come with a bunch of different expressions. The unKindness In the Bayou set is wonderfully detailed to give your white trash swamp habitat a suitably grungy feel - perfect for spooky sets and more. Both Dead Dollz and Mina Hair brought it - Mina's knitted snood is fantastic and I love the Dead Dollz sweater. 

Swamp Angel - The Gacha Garden

The Gacha Garden starts Nov 1st and runs the whole month and features more than 90 of the best Second Life designers.

Cinphul Boobaes - Innocent (RARE); Cinphul Boobaes - Debil (RARE); Cinphul Boobaes - Dead (common); Cinphul  Boobaes - OMG (common); Cinphul  Boobaes - Happy (common); Cinphul Boobaes - angreh (common); at the Gacha Garden Starts Nov 1st open now

unKindness- In the Bayou - Crumbing Dock (RARE); unKindness- In the Bayou - Swamp Shack (RARE); unKindness- n the Bayou -fishing boat sol (common); unKindness- In the Bayou -Junk Pile 1, 2, 3 (commons); unKindness- In the Bayou -Cypress trees (Bent, 1 and 2 (commons); Cyprus stump (common) Gacha Garden open starts Nov 1st open now

Dead Dollz - Knit Fast Die Warm (Ethel) Black (common 8) at the Gacha Garden
MINA Hair - Jildou (materials) or non- materials - Grey  (common) at the Gacha Garden
:BAMSE: Belonging Bracelets - SHIT (common) Gacha Garden

PUMEC - Caroline - Witch Skin - was at We <3 Role Play October round - We <3 Role Play starts the 4th of every month

Genesis Lab: 01 Genesis_Head_Rita_2.0_Blinker RARE at Kustom9 (open until Nov. 10th)

Birdy - Bat - White - The Arcade - September Round