Flying lessons OR Angels in Training - The Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Hi all. The great second life event the Fantasy Gacha Carnival is only 3 days away! The event runs from Nov. 6th to Dec 6th, and the theme this round is Angels and the Dark Side of the Moon! This is the largest fantasy oriented gacha event in Second Life and there are always great things to be had! The Luas outfit shown below is also available in Silver (except the rare Lyre) and is just gorgeous! The very cute angels are the RARE prizes in the Naminoke gacha (the other prizes are blindfolds), and the great pose is a series of Angel poses from Eternal Dreams. Their RARE is a great couples pose. 

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Flying Lessons - or - Angels in Training - The Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Luas - Olumpus - Golden outfit - RARES (Lyre, Dress) (Arms, Pauldron, Wings, Leg Wrappings (commons) (silver/gold options) Fantasy Gacha Carnival 
Velvet Whip - Upraise Leaf Ear Cuffs Very Rare Fantasy Gacha Carnival 
*NAMINOKE *ANGEL # 1 RARE, # 2 RARE, # 1 Dark RARE # 2 Dark RARE. (commons are blind folds) Fantasy Gacha Carnival 
Eternal Dreams - Angel Poses Fantasy Gacha Carnival (common) 

Damselfly Ridge (this is a male hair - but great punk style which can be unisex as well) The Fantasy Collective
Genesis Lab: Tara Head Cream RARE (Wayward Carnival ended)

DRD - Studios Set Roman (old gacha set) from SL Marketplace