Fairy Dust and Koalas - items from The Gacha Garden & The Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Hi all. So many lovely outfits to be had - only so much time to blog - this November is a great shopping month in SL - and the items at both The Gacha Garden and the Fantasy Gacha Carnivaldo not disappoint. The gorgeous fairy outfit is by Astralia and is available in two gacha offering at The Gacha Garden - the Flora fairy outfit & the Warrior Fairy gacha. The Flora fairy outfit comes in 4 different colours and the RARES in both sets come with a colour changing HUD. lassitude & ennui have a very cute Koala tiny avatar gacha at The Gacha Garden as well. Shown below are two of the RARES, and the cute knitted seeds of inspiration avatar. They come with a HUD with many custom animations like  blows kisses, shy, cry, butt scratch, yes, no, wave and sexy dance. 

The theme at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival is angels and there are great angels specific items including this Eternal Dream Angel pose (common).  The great hair called Hephan is by DUE for the event. The event runs until Dec 6th. 

Fairy Dust and Koalas

lassitude & ennui Koala avatar white (common); Stuffed koala avatar (Seed of inspiration); Koala avatar night sky (common); lKowala avatar RARE (with horns); Zombie koala avatar RARE (with Zombie walk animations) all come with HUDS with custom animations at The Gacha Garden on until Nov 30th
Astralia - Flora set Crown (yellow) (common); Astralia - Flora set panties (RARE) with HUD; Astralia - Flora set Bracelet (yellow) (Common); Astralia - Flora set bra (RARE) with HUD, Astralia - Flora set Collar (RARE) with HUD; at The Gacha Garden on until Nov 30th
Astralia - Warrior Fairy Wings (RARE) with HUD at The Gacha Garden on until Nov 30th
Pose: Eternal Dream - Angel Pose - Common - Fantasy Gacha Carnival - open until Dec 6th
DUE - Hephan - Black & Whites Fantasy Gacha Carnival - open until Dec 6th