We've Been Replaced! Reverie at The Season's Story Second Anniversary

Hi all. Sorry did this picture yesterday just posting now. The Season's Story  opened on Saturday - and there are gifts to be had as it is the 2nd anniversary of this great event. Highlight for me are the {Reverie} weasels and the Zerkalo gacha - which I will show soon - there is also so many great hair styles at this event it is almost cray cray. Also don't miss the gifts out from many of the vendors - thank you!

Totally Top Shelf is still running until Oct 22nd on Pegasoi. The wonderful crown I am showing in my picture is by Azoury their release for this event. ::Bite &Claw :: Hecate Shoulders are wonderful role playing cauldrons. Endless Pain also has 2 great tattoos out, and a gift for you! 

The We <3 Role Play round is stellar this October - Les Encantades has a lovely gown out but also has something out for the men - Migan pants - the ones I am showing are Furs 2 (there are lots of great options and the texturing is superb)! lassitude & ennui has these great Astarte sandals available for Slink feet. A note has to be made of the great full length fur vest by PEQE - role players you need this! .aisling. as usual has an amazing item out - the Larah  gold linked chest piece. 

We're Passé!

{Reverie} 'A Weasels Story' gacha - (various poses in brown, rose and grey) at The Season's Story  (one is a gift and is branded with the "Season's Story" logo)
Les Encantades: Migan pants Furs 2 (male - but can be unisex) - lots of colour options -  We <3 Role Play October
.aisling. Larah Style 1 - Fitted [Size 2] (3 sizes) - - We <3 Role Play 
PEQE - Monster Brown - F (this is unisex and comes in 4 colours)  - We <3 Role Play 
lassitude & ennui Astarte sandals brown / black Slink fitmesh  - comes in various colour options -  We <3 Role Play  
[sYs] FARAH bra (unrigged) (part of an outfit) We <3 Role Play
Beusy: Siren Mesh Hair [ Fitted } We <3 Role Play
!Bang Pose - We <3 Role Play

Azoury: Gaia Crown at Totally Top Shelf event on until Oct 22nd
::Bite &Claw :: Hecate Shoulders at Totally Top Shelf event on until Oct 22nd
Endless Pain Tattoos: Evil (this also has full sleeves not shown) at Totally Top Shelf event on until Oct 22nd

Genesis Lab: Makena Albino Mesh Head - Gift at Tres Chic ends today - hopefully the full priced Makena Head will be available after the event - as it is gorgeous 

Remarkable Oblivion: The Illusionist - Mancer's Staff (The Arcade Sept. 2015)
Mutresse: Racoons (The Arcade Sept. 2015)
Stormwood: - The Broken Tree Animated Scene at We <3 Roleplay October
Jaggy Rocks from Studio Skye by Alex Bader

AITUI - Stretched Elven Ears, Gen 4 (my latest pair of elf ears)