Save me. Goodbye to a great round of The Gathering

Hi all. I was really impressed with the quality of the items from The Gathering which ends today at 3pm SLT time - so you just have a few hours left to shop. One of the gachas I loved from this event was the dress by Moon Amore - I am showing the rare - but every item from this gacha is great - the commons are a wonderful dress or a great leaves flying book prop. 
Also shown is the cool Hopscotch mermaid chariot - is is wearable - and there are also cute dolphins you can hug. Other highlights include a extremely gorgeous dress set by Les Encantades - all of the items are fantastic and good value.

Save Me

Hopscotch - “Under the Sea” Gacha - wearable Blue Chariot - RARE, Huggable Dolphins - The Gathering (ends today - Oct 14th at SLT noon so Hurry!)

Moon Amore - Ceres - A Forests Tale Gacha - Fruits Wreath (Common) Rare Dress RARE (all Colour HUD) (dresses in various colours are commons) - Ribbon and Dove (with 8 ribbon colours) RARE, green book with leaves (Common) The Gathering (ends today - Oct 14th at SLT noon) Hurry!!)
Due - Karin Vitamin Free gift at The Seasons's Story
Pose - my own
Coco Fashion Doll - Ava head pale/fashion body pale
Background - {anc} screens with own texture