Prisoner of Charon - The Epiphany

Hi all. The Epiphany opened on Oct 12th and has lots of great goodies. It is a bit different than a regular gacha event, in that you can actually turn in your extra gacha items to count as points towards special exclusive items at the event. Storybook has a wonderful rare Charon's Vessel as part of their Underworld gacha there, as well as this great RARE outfit Nyx.

Fallen Gods Inc. is having its yearly anniversary November special events - celebrating its 8th anniversary- including a wonderful fortune teller skin to win by group members at the main store, The Fallen Gods and Goddesses Photo Contest (entries are nwow up to vote for at the store) and parties and events culminating in a great dance party next weekend. More info at the Fallen Gods Inc. blog. My entry with a Fallen God's skin is this photo so feel free to come and vote for me: -)

Prisoner of Charon

Storybook - Underworld - Charon's Vessel RARE - The Epiphany
Storybook - Underworld - Nyx (RARE) Fitted for Slink or Maitreya - The Epiphany
Storybook - Underworld  Hades Crown- Aes - TThe Epiphany
!bang: Poses We <3 Role Play October (slightly adapted)
Tableau Vivant - Editorial -Northern Wind Black & White (The Arcade Sept. 2015)
Fallen Gods skin - Legacy of Maul - Coal
{anc ltd} mist (past C88 - now in store)
Mandala Ears Simple
Blog and Entry for FG photo contest