Crazy Cat Lady - Luas at The Gathering

Hi all. My title in no means implies that Luas latest gacha offering at The Gathering 2015 is in at all crazy - unless you mean crazily awesome! It is exceptionally beautiful and the Rares are very gorgeous in particular - there are three in the 12 item gacha.  The Rares are the gold crown, the gold stick, and the collar. There are 8 common dresses in 8 rich colours, including the Blue shown.
I had a photo idea for cats cats cats inspired by all the cats I acquired at the recent The Arcade (not all shown...hah). This was inspired in part by the great Pixicat heads in Black & White from the recent The Arcade. I have 5 of the white heads in hope that I can do a group photo with other lovely bloggers interested in an elegant group pic. It was also partially inspired by a love of Beatrice Potter and her cat illustrations.

The Gathering in 2015 is an exceptional [fantastical gacha] fair featuring premiere fantasy brands in Second Life. Here is the The Gathering Shopping Guide for your edification. It started Oct 1st and runs only until Oct 14th - so hurry!!

Crazy Cat Lady - The Gathering

Luas - Dulcinea outfit (gacha) at The Gathering Open Now! 
Crown, collar and stick with jewel changing HUDs ( 3 RARES); 8 dresses in various colours are commons. Dress shown here is the Blue version. 

*paper moon* Occult Books: Manual Of Cartomancy The Fantasy Collective
The Plastik - Nail Appliers for Slink & Maitreya hands - HalfMoon The Fantasy Collective
Items from The Arcade, (now closed) September edition - gacha items from - Birdy, Aisling, Pixicat, 8f8.
8f8: Storyteller's Burrow Garden Cottage RARE, Storyteller's Burrow Old Armchair Common; Storyteller's Burrow Knowledge Cart Common; Storyteller's Burrow Old Armchair Common; Storyteller's Burrow Old Rugs Common.

Birdy: (The Birdy Collective) Hocus Pocus: Spellbook Silver RARE, Vacuum RARE, Commons: Sphynx Kitties Mr. Bigglesworth in White, Grey, Naked, Black, and Patched

Aisling: DIY Love Potion Alchemy of Love RARE, Commons: Lamp - Silver, Lamp - Gold (2), Table - Brown, Ingredient Shelf (2), Ritual Roses White, Ritual Roses Black, Books, Pestle and Mortar, Carpet of Flowers, For the Paramor, Candles and Hourglass.

Pixicat: Commons: Pixicat - Bastet - Sphynx Head - Black - worn, Pixicat - Bastet - Sphynx Cat - Lazy (w/ HUD), Pixicat - Bastet - Sphynx Cat Sit, Pixicat - Bastet - Sphynx Cat - Sprawl. 

Skin: Old Dr. Life: Ebony skin, Paws: Cutie Paws (at Chimera) : comes with Texture and colour changing alphas.