The Secret Affair - Hulda

Hi all. Lots of lovely Viking outfits at The Secret Affair. I did a photo about the Norse Goddess Hulda. Hulda was the Norse Goddess of death and the after world and so was often portrayed as half dead herself - in fact in legend she had part of her body that showed only as a skeleton - perfectly suitable for the ruler of the Underworld. I am wearing the In a Cloud outfit Valky in silver that can be found for only 100L at The Secret Affair, It also comes with a sheild (not shown). As well I am showing the gorgeous FDD Stories shields from the same event - the gold one is a RARE. The wonderful hair is by Blues Hair and is again available at The Secret Affair. You can also find  the great Viking Candelabra by Roawenwood at this event - they have a number of Viking themed housewares at the event. 
The Secret Affair - September 15th -Sept 30th 

Hulda-  The Secret Affair

In a Cloud outfit Valky in silver The Secret Affair
Blues Hair: TygerLily The Secret Affair
Roawenwood: Horned Candelabra The Secret Affair
FDD Stories: Norse Shield (8 commons, 2 Rares- Gold/Silver) The Secret Affair
The Plastik - Denrys Hollow Chain Viking Necklace  The Secret Affair
Tentacio: Galatea Doll Body (skelton) RARE - The Arcade
Vita's Boudoir- Death Throne (wearable with poses)
Genesis Lab: Alice Emotions head RARE - Cosmetics Fair
8f8: Storyteller: Cage Lantern Common The Arcade
oyasumi / lantern / oyasumi-ya The Arcade
{anc ltd.} Ripple oil - waves textures