Moon Boat to the Far Side - {anc ltd.} & Tentacio & Trompe Loeil at The Arcade

Hi all. This is the first pic of mine that has ever gone to 200+ favs on Flickr (was taken last week so their was a delay in blogging this) so I am jumping up and down a bit - but I put that fav list at the feet of the master creator at {anc ltd.} who always makes such wonderful props my photos are immediately better. The goodies I am showing in this pic are almost all from this round of The Arcade - which is frankly fabulous and I am so poor now that I am tightening my budget belt until the end of the month (don't worry I still have lots to show you) and The Secret Affair is opening on Sept 15th! The {anc ltd.} MoonLight Lounge set is extremely beautiful and I have the whole set (including extra Glitter balloons (commons) which are a hot item around the grid - I think everyone is hoarding them for upcoming photos) but the whole set is not shown in this picture (it also includes an ashtray and champagne glasses). The MoonLight Lounge Moon Boat (RARE) comes with a variety of fabulous poses, and as you can see is very detailed. The MoonLight Lounge Big Sleeping pig (RARE) is the large mommy pig in the photo - and all the baby pigs in the set are ultra cute and come with colour changing bows and can be changed to either pink or white. The very adorable baby pigs are commons  (there are two sets) - and one - Sleeping pig for Hug -  can also be worn. I also can't say enough about the Tentacio Galatea dolls set at The Arcade this round - I have the whole thing including both RARES - one shown here - adore it. 

Moon Boat to the Far Side

{anc ltd.} MoonLight Lounge Moon Boat (RARE) at The Arcade
{anc ltd.} MoonLight Lounge Big Sleeping pig (RARE) at The Arcade
{anc ltd.} MoonLight Lounge Glitter Ballons (commons) 2 sets shown at The Arcade
{anc ltd.} MoonLight Lounge Sleeping pig for Hug The Arcade
{anc ltd.} MoonLight Lounge Baby pigs (sit & stand) 2 sets shown at The Arcade
{anc ltd.} MoonLight Lounge Table at The Arcade
Tentacio: Galatea Doll (Carrosel) RARE at The Arcade
Tentacio: Galatea Doll (Vamp Head A) (common) atThe Arcade
Tentacio: Galatea Doll (outfit Gold) (common) at The Arcade
Tableau Vivant: Southern Wind - Black and Grays (common) at The Arcade
Trompe Loeil: Nesting Bed (Gentle) (common) at The Arcade
8f8: Storybook set - gate (common) at The Arcade
Alegria Studios: Hands Dream Grass debuted at Fantasy Faire 2015.
Background: {anc ltd.} Screens with own image