Foretelling - Remarkable Oblivion & Birdy at The Arcade

Hi all. This image was inspired by the idea that witches don't feel the cold. In medieval times witches were felt to not be able to feel pain or the cold - hence one of the tests for a witch was to stick a pin in her.  The Arcade brought Halloween early to the grid and brought some great witch/magic user items from Remarkable Oblivion and Birdy. When I saw the pictures of both of these vendors I knew I had to have some of these items - I did win the some RARE items from Remarkable Oblivion!

"We don't feel the cold, so we need no warm clothes." - Serafina Pekkala - The Golden Compass


Remarkable Oblivion - The Illusionist - Magisters Orb - RARE 
Remarkable Oblivion - The Illusionist -Hoodini the Owl - RARE - The Arcade
Remarkable Oblivion -  The Illusionist - Orion - Common The Arcade
Birdy - Hocus Pocus Broom - Ebony - Common - The Arcade
Tentacio - Galatea head (Vamp B) - Common -  The Arcade
Tentacio - Galatea body Vamp (inked) - Common -  The Arcade
Tentacio - Galatea body bra and panties (Black) - Common -  The Arcade
Exile: Sugar and Spice Grayscale - common - The Arcade