Catch a Ride - We Love Role Play - The Plastik, Evie's Closet & Pr!tty

Hi all. Lovely round at We <3 Role Play this month. The event started Sept 4th and runs until the end of the month. The Plastik is offering the Larradite skin, - two colourful fantasy skins out this round that are exclusive to the event (as well as some lovely jewelry that I will show soon). The skins are available for men or women in blue and a purple tones and have a lovely shimmery quality. As well Evie's Closet has a lovely traditional fairy outfit out this round, and it is in available in 6 colours including grey! The hair with lighted accessory is by Pr!tty - at the same event and is so cute and I love the colours offered with my fav grays.
Catch a Ride

Lost in Space

The Plastik: Larradite Avricuza Femme We <3 Role Play
Evie's Closet: Siofra Fairy (Grey) 6 colour options We <3 Role Play 
Pr!tty:  Navi 6 colour packs available We <3 Role Play 
anc ltd: Moonlight Lounge: Glitter balloons two sets per pack (commons) at The Arcade (this is 4 packs), Moon Boat (Rare)
anc ltd: I'm Planet Set: Wrapped melt moon; .my bijou ring - Fantasy Gacha Carnival (over soon)
anc ltd: Nebra Beads were at C88 August round