Superstar Dreams - Enchantment - Little Mermaid Round - Opens Tomorrow

Hi all. Listen she just really wanted to sing - right? If you think of re-written fairy tales from the post-modern age they really do like to rewrite from the perspective that the bad guy or gal had feelings too. And at Enchantment we have lots of lovely and beautiful outfits of the gorgeous but rather evil and perhaps misunderstood Sea Witch - including this amazing one by Les Encantades. I will also be showing you an amazing Sea Witch outfit by Aisling soon as well! Enchantment opens tomorrow August 14th at 5PM SLT time and runs until Sept 5th and it is full of gorgeous outfits from the sea - come come come and find an ocean of delights!

Superstar Dreams - Enchantment Opens Tomorrow
Les Encantades: Witch of the Seas w/ headdress at Enchantment
Lumae  - Ianthe - Siren at Enchantment (so many applier options - drool)
Mermaid Treasures:  The Enchanted Little Mermaid Regal Staff soon at Enchantment
Ohmai Salon: Donburi - was at the hair fair now in store 
Fawny - Seahorse Companions (commons -9) at the Gacha Garden 
Pose: Black Tulip soon at  Enchantment
Slink  Physique/Casual Hands/Visage
anc Ltd: screen (with Kynne's image), anc Ltd: bubbles
anc Ltd.: lotus flowers, and base from the Fish Shop Daughters gacha from June FGC (now in store)
The Plastik: Ursula Decor seascape kelp soon at Enchantment
Photo on Ippos at Ippos Studios thank you Kynne!