Enchantment - The Plastik & Death Row Designs & Olive

Hi all. Enchantment's Little Mermaid round is still going strong until Sept. 5th - and don't forget the great hunt that is at some of the participating stores! I am showing the wonderful The Plastik mermaid available at Enchantment - the Ursula Headdress, Earrings and Bralette (sold separately) - all come with colour changing HUDS. The tail is called the Ursulae fin - and comes in a male and female version in various colours. Death Row Design's Ariel Cove backdrop and Ariel's bed in pink and green at great mermaid props available at the event. Both have multiple pose options. The hair is by Olive: Pearl and also at Enchantment

Enchantment - The Plastik & DRD

The Plastik - Ursulae (Female) Mermaid Fin:// Arie at Enchantment
The Plastik - Ursula - Full Headdress at Enchantment
The Plastik - Ursula - Earrings at Enchantment
The Plastik - Ursula - Bralette at Enchantment
Olive the Pearl Hair - at Enchantment
Death Row Designs - andolys - Ariel's cove and Ariel's Bed (sold separately) at Enchantment
anc ltd - I'm planet / fish circle [navy] at Fantasy Gacha Carnival
anc ltd (small bubbles)
Genesis Lab - Emily Blinker Head (rare gacha) at Kustom9 100L per play
Slink hands, body