Fly Fishing - Senzafine's "Daenaria" at The Conquest

Hi all - great outfit by Senzafine at The Conquest. Called Daenaria, it comes in 4 tone packs - each with multiple colour options. The fish props are from 22769 at The Fantasy Collective (there is a matching boat available). The Fantasy Collective is also where the SYS Khaleesi bracelets can be found, as well as The Plastik Sahaze jewelry set (shown necklace and diadem).

Fly Fishing - .:SF:. "Daenaria"- The Conquest

 :SF:. "Daenaria"- (Tone pack 2) - (Comes in 4 multiple tone packs) The Conquest
Pose !BangThe Conquest
SYS: Khaleesi bracelets The Fantasy Collective
22769 Flying fish - The Fantasy Collective
The Plastik - The Sahaze Jewelry set (earrings and belly ring not shown) with HUD The Fantasy Collective
[MUSE] - White Gold - Royal Perpetual Crown v.1
Magika - Restless
Glam Affair: Romy 2 Jamacia
Slink  Physique/Casual Hands/Visage