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Halfwraith fumed to herself. Though Kynne was recovering the defeat by the monster was a blow to the honour of Ippos and Pegasoi. Surely it was possible to defeat one creature with the strength of their army - with such warriors as they had. They were well-trained - strong - brave - what the hell had happened? Perhaps she was rusty. Up at dawn the next day she trained hard with her axe as the deepening fog rose around her. Her pet dragon Leviathan flew by her shoulder nervously ducking the quick blows - disturbed but drawn by the deep anger in his keeper he sensed. "I 'll chop off the creature's goddamn head myself." Halfwraith growled as she swung up into the air, practicing her best killing blow.

To see what Half is pissed about see: Defenders of Ippos and Pegasoi Chapter 8
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Never Surrender - Gathering Fog

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