Elf Fish - The Fantasy Collective - The White Armory & Damselfly & Jian & La Gyo

Hi all. Lovely round of The Fantasy Collective. This round runs from June 22 to July 13th.  I am featuring The White Armory gown Zihanna available at the event - it is available in 6 colours (and 6 sizes) - the one I am showing is called Purity. This is a beautiful fantasy role play gown with bare arms - as usual the detailing on the gown from this designer is stellar. The long gorgeous wavy hair is by Damselfly - my new favourite on the grid - but a store I have been requesting for years. The boat is by Jian and comes in a decorative and sailing model - I resized the decorative version to be a bit smaller - so this is a good sized small boat. 

The Fantasy Collective - Elf Fish

The White Armory Zihanna Purity The Fantasy Collective
Jian ‘Pinnace of the Solstice’ (boat) The Fantasy Collective
Damselfly Nakia Tuxedo pack The Fantasy Collective
La Gyo – Vebe crown headpiece Gold The Fantasy Collective
lassitude & ennui - Sunna necklace (gold) We <3 Role Play June (hurry event ends in a week)
!Bang - pose - The Conquest
Glam Affair: - Alice last weeks 50L Friday
Slink  Physique/Casual Hands
Illusions - Drow Elf Ears SL Marketplace
{anc}  Fish Shop Daughters - items from the last Fantasy Gacha Carnival