We Love Role Play 2nd Year Anniversary - lassitude & ennui & [The Forge] & [Haste] & Damselfly

Hi all. Wow - sorry I didn't blog this earlier and talk about it more but for freebie lovers this round of We <3 Role Play is amazing because many vendors have great gifts ranging in price from free to 10L or so. Lots of amazing things, including a crown and choker gift from Evie's Closet to go with her very cute outfit there and a gorgeous mer tattoo gift from Fallen Gods Inc. to go with the NEW RELEASE Oceanica skin and tail which is 30% off this round (correction). There are also great dresses by The White Armory, Aisling, and Pixicat to mention a few (not free). 

I picked up quite a few items at the event - and was feeling drow as I am wont to do at times. The boots are by my favourite boot maker in SL - lassitude & ennui, the amazing armor is by The Forge, and comes in male and female versionsthe cute and sex on a stick barely there outfit (chains and wee bits oh mesh) is by Haste, the quite lovely hair is by Damselfly.

The amazing staff is by The Forge and at their main store.  

Don't Piss off the Necromancer

lassitude & ennui Hellebore boots - We <3 Role Play
[The Forge] Arcana Armour Female, Black / Gold (resizeable/editable) We <3 Role Play
[Haste] Constance  Black (with colour changing hud for metals) multiple colours available We <3 Role Play
[Haste] Dangle Chain Necklace (Gift at We <3 Role Play)
*~*Damselfly*~*Emily Rigged-Mesh Tuxedo - Whites &Blacks We <3 Role Play
[The Forge] Technomancer's Staff, Gold (hold and back option)
Slink, hands, head (Becky) and Physique
*YS&YS* SYNNE skin Visage&Physique Applier (thanks to Zoey Carean for convincing me to get this - I love)
Both poses: Del May