Memories of Wings - The White Armory & Meva & Cubic Cherry Kreations

Hi all. When I watched the fairly recent film Maleficent I did not think it brilliant - but I loved the concept of much of the characters bitterness being rooted in the loss of her ability to fly. The early scenes where she flitted and swooped with joy were the best and they captured her  later sense of loss of freedom well I thought.
At We <3 Role Play this round there is a wonderful moody gown perfect for playing a melancholic  Maleficent by Bee Dumpling of The White Armory - the Selluvia Maloria Gown. I am showing the coal version (sans gloves) but there are 4 other colours. The headers and necklace are by Meva, and the staff is by Cubic Cherry Kreations at the same event.

Memories of Wings - Meva and The White Armory

Wrong Side

Too Still - The White Armory

The White Armory MESH (fitted-partial) Selluvia Maloria Gown Coal Set includes five standard sizes, one fitted size, gloves with system clothing layers and Maitreya appliers We <3 Role Play
Cubic Cherry Kreations | Bane – Pure | Staff – Hold and back versions We <3 Role Play
Meva Headress & Necklace We <3 Role Play
-Glam Affair - Slink Visage Applier - Romy 3 ( Jamaica ). body and hands and feet appliers in Jamaica)
Slink Physique Mesh Body, Slink Visage Head Pack - Becky, Slink hands, feet
Poetic Colors:  Spotted Eyes -Tropics FREE
Poses: Del May