Farewell Fantasy Faire - Fallen Gods Inc. - NEW RELEASE Oceanica Atlantic Eclipse

Hi all. Yes Fantasy Faire 2015 is over and unfortunately there was not last minute reprieve as there has been the last few weeks - it went so fast - and I did not even finish the hunt - cries a bit into her midnight tea. 

One thing that I am sad I did not blog earlier is the NEW RELEASE from Fallen Gods Inc. Oceanica I ended up getting three colours - so I will show you the other versions at a later date - but I wanted to show the Relay for life version which is gorgeous! 

+Fallen Gods Inc.+ OCEANICA female ATLANTIC Eclipse RFL item (comes with slink hand & toe appliers, lola applies, TMP head and body appliers - I don't have TMP) on Odyssey
+Fallen Gods Inc.+ Oceanica Necklaces - Eclipse necklace Free Gift on Odyssey
Wasabi Pills: Jay New Release - Ember RFL colour on Odyssey
OtherSkin: Satura eyes - peach (on the Aurora sim)
Talevin's Designs Trident of Lightning  (Sylvan of Spells)
Mermaid poses by !bang