Farewell Fantasy Faire 2015 - The Alchemist - Gauze & Analog Dog & OtherSkin

Hi all. Fantasy Faire 2015 is just about done - you just have an hour or so to visit the faire - but congratulations all that participated and visited - more than 30, 000 US was raised in this wonderful Relay for Life Event.  This year there was an outfit that seemed to have been "the outfit" of the Faire -  The Alchemist by Gauze. It comes in a male and female version. The level of detail on this outfit is fantastic. It also comes with another top option - not show. The staff that goes with this outfit is animated or not and comes with back wear option (shown) and a hold version. The wonderful skin is by OtherSkin - Satura - peach. The cool  hair is by Analog Dog. The image was taken on Vallacia sim at the Fantasy Faire.

Gauze: The Alchemist Female (boots, pants, two top options, pauldrons, belt)
Gauze: The Alchemist Staff
Analog Dog: Petunia - Splash colours
OtherSkin: Satura Peach worn w/Satura Peach eyes