I Remember - Fantasy Faire - Ruins of Nu Orne

Hi all. I am doing another I Remember posts for the Fantasy Faire 2015 blogger challenge. Fantasy Faire 2015 starts in only 5 days on April 23rd - don't miss the wonderful event. 
The Fantasy Faire experience itself, year after year, is the most magical event I have ever experienced in SL on many levels both as a fundraising effort for Relay for Life and as a community builder. And the most lush and magical of all sims I have walked through to date was Ember Elicio's Ruins of Nu Orne, which was one of - count it - 2 sims that this very talented builder created at Fantasy Faire 2012 - the other being Siren's Secret. Ruins of Nu Orne is certainly is one of the sims I photographed the most in my Fantasy Faire travels over the years. It had lots of places to explore including a lighthouse and as a petite I played with pollen spores that shot out of plants when you touched them - the details were amazing. I don't know how I made time for Fantasy Faire in 2012 - I had a new job, and I had family circumstances that made it hard that year to be on-line as much, but I felt it was important to be part of Fantasy Faire in some small way, and I spent much of my time at the Ruins of Nu Orne (and The Tides and other lovely sims) that year drinking in the beauty.

Fallen Gods Mesh petite
Material Squirrel wings
Wasabi Pills petite hair


  1. Beautiful pictures! Im really looking forward to the fair this year.

  2. me too very excited! thanks Zoey

  3. Jamisson BurnsteinApril 27, 2015 at 8:00 PM

    Wonderful pictures and great text !
    Was nice meeting you there again !


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