Fantasy Faire - I Remember - Into the Deep

Hi all. There is an I Remember Fantasy Faire blogger challenge on right now that asks bloggers to look back and remember the Fantasy Faire. I have been going to Fantasy Faire since 2011 so I have a lot of great memories of my favourite event in SL - one that brings so many people together for a great cause and to Relay for Life with all their hearts. While we are there we are surrounded by memorable beauty that is ephemeral and and fleeting and because of that even more cherished. One thing I love is a gorgeous underwater world. Fantasy Faire usually delivers a wonderful mer experience. I think my favourite of all time was at Fantasy Faire 2011 - the Sea of Mer Sim - built by Zander Greene and landscaped by Elicio Ember, Stef Cormer and  Emmanuelle Loon. One shopped above the water and below and wandered on water soaked sidewalks - under the water was a a magical huge underwater world - beautifully and richly landscaped - probably the most beautiful one I had ever seen in SL.  Other lovely underwater worlds have been at at Fantasy Faire, but that was my favourite underwater experience to date ... and I am looking forward to more underwater magic this year.

Fantasy Faire 2011 - Sea of Mer  (by Zander Greene and landscaped by Elicio Ember, Stef Cormer and  Emmanuelle Loon)
Fantasy Faire  2012 - Siren's Secrets (by Elicio Ember)

Fantasy Faire 2014 - Wiggenstead Mooring (by Kayle Matzerath)