Iconography - We Love Roleplay - random.Matter & .Luminary. & The Plastik & lassitude & ennui & On a Lark/Sweet Poison

Hi all. I took this image on the weekend - so posting late - there is less than two weeks left of We <3 Roleplay and this is a great round. There are still tons of things I want to blog. I saw this gorgeous headdress Deucalion Halo by random.Matter by Nikohl Hax and all I could think about was Byzantium Greek and Roman medieval works of art - especially the icons of the Madonna and child, where often there was a forced stiffness between mother and child. So here is my interpretation. I am not Greek or Russian Orthodox but I have always been interested in the cultural aspect (since seeing Ivan the Terrible by Eisenstein maybe or when I took art history). The dress is by Augurer of .Luminary. and comes in Teal and Gold and Red and Black (shown). The gorgeous slippers are by Jackal Ennui of  lassitude & ennui - Saltarello slippers and come in a variety of colours - I am showing the red and gold here. The cute little crown is Shah: Queen in red by Aikea Rieko of The Plastik and comes in four colours - she also has some great circlets - Myr and Kharys for the event. The crystals hanging in the back behind the throne are by On a Lark/Sweet Poison, (Discovering Destiny & Alyena Raine) and come in two lengths with a colour changing HUD. On a Lark/Sweet Poison  also have a cool Crystal Garden set out for the event. 


- Deucalion Halo w / HUD   (can change the colours on the various spikes) We <3 Roleplay
.Luminary. Jane: Black/Red Gown 5 sizes with 2 unrigged belts We <3 Roleplay
lassitude & ennui Saltarello slippers Red & gold (others colours available) for Slink natural feet (sold separately) We <3 Roleplay
The Plastik: Shah Crown: Queen We <3 Roleplay
On a Lark/Sweet Poison (OAL/SP): Hanging Crystal (w/colour changing HUD) We <3 Roleplay
Head veil and scarf (also comes with a face veil not shown) LUAS LADY BASIC SET BROWN SL Marketplace 50L
[ Al Vulo! ] - [ Celestial ] - [Diva Olive ] group gift
Poetic Colors:
PC Opal Eyes - Grape Leaves FREE
Slink Hands  (natural), Slink Feet (natural)
Eyelashes: Imabee (store gone) Rory but now Brandon Papp has a couple of items on SL Marketplace
Mesh Full Perm: Baby Mega Pack: SL Marketplace
*-*C-Outlet*-*: Jin throne Red 10L SL Marketplace (3 colours)
Gold Background Texture: © Miles Goodhew. Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC by 2.0) https://www.flickr.com/photos/m0les/7226604622/
Pose: Halfwraith