Genre - Arabia - Les Encantades & Dysfunctional Designs & AZE Jewelry Designs & Nantra

Hi all. The Genre: Arabia event has a lot of great things this round - one the nicest being The Encantades Hadarah outfit by Anouk Haiku - it come in 7 colours and is a full outfit with shoes for only 100L. The AZE Jewelry Designs Bedouin Sands earrings and nose ring by AZEAmilia are perfect and authentic to the style. The Dysfunctional Designs Bedouin tent by Anke Hatchuk is beautiful and come in a variety of texture choices. The {NanTra} Scheherazade poses are perfect and capture a dramatic dancing girl mood.

*Les Encantades * Hadarah Golden *LE* 100L at Genre: Arabia
AZE Jewelry Designs Bedouin Sands Gold Earrings & Nose Ring Set 100L at Genre: Arabia
Dysfunctional Designs Bedouin tent 100L at Genre: Arabia
                          {NanTra} Scheherazade poses (8 mirrored poses) 100L at Genre: Arabia

[ Al Vulo! ] - [ Celestial ] - [Diva Olive ] group gift
Hair: LoQ'ue Lager Fatpack only 75L rigged mesh only available on SL Marketplace
Tabourine: 1L (with sounds) SL Marketplace  

Poetic Colors: PC Opal Eyes - Grape Leaves FREE
Slink Hands  (natural), Slink Feet (natural)
Eyelashes: Imabee (store gone) Rory but now Brandon Papp has a couple of items on SL Marketplace