World Goth Fair - The Widowmaker - Fallen Gods & Couture Rock & LaNoir Soleil Designs & Chop Shop & Eclectica & NanTRa etc.

Hi all. The World Goth Fair is still running and will be open until June 1st. It's donation items benefit the Sophie Lancaster Foundation in memory of a teen who was murdered because she was a goth. 

There are a lot (and I mean many many) great items at this fair. Fallen Gods is at the fair - and they have two great NEW RELEASE tattoos for offer for the Fair. One of them I am wearing below called Widow (based on a Black Widow) and is very striking.  It come with many options - 20, 40, 70, and 100% in intensity as well as fully body, face only, body only options and is tintable. 
The corset I am wearing is lovely - I love the silver colour - and by Couture Rock and comes in three colours. The gorgeous necklace is by Eclectica and comes with matching earrings (sold separately) and in several colours. The Chop Shop! eyes are wondrous. The {NanTra} Picture In the Attic Pose Prop made my photo shoot - thank you very much!!

The Drow skin is now famous on the Grid - by Pink Fuel and released for this month's We <3 Role Play Event - it comes in 5 shades and is 50% off for the duration of the Event. I love drow skins and you will be seeing more of this in various colours I am sure.

Come to Bed Darling

Waiting… (poison takes a while)

The Grieving Widow

Who's Next?

Fallen Gods Inc.+ Widow Tattoo 50% Donation Item Cursed
LaNoir Soleil Designs -[LNS Designs]  ASTARTE Hair Purple 50% Donation Item Port Seraphine
Couture Rock *CR* Curvaceous Cameo Corset (Silver) 50% Donation Item Port Seraphine
Dark Passions  DP - Koffin Nails - Shades of Grey Gradients 50% Donation Item Port Seraphine
Eclectica Perenelle Jewellery Purple  Cursed
Chop Shop! !CS! Universe in Your Eyes 100% donation item Port Seraphine
Sax Shepherd Designs Lolita Boots Calavera White (these have a great Goth girl cut in) Port Seraphine
{NanTra} Picture In the Attic Pose Prop with 7 poses 50% Donation Item Cursed (hand slightly adjusted in one pose)

Pink Fuel: [PF] Drow <Dusk> v1.0 at We <3 Role Play Event