World Goth Fair is on: FOSCA de LES Encantades & Damselfly & Nocturnal Couture

Hi all. World Goth Fair 2014 has started and runs from May 15 - June1st, 2014  and I am a blogging for this charity event. This event is a wonderful shopping experience but I am really pleased to support an event that is raising money for an issue I feel very strongly about - education that can help change attitudes that cause bullying and intolerance to human differences.  

The donation items in this Fair benefit the Sophie Lancaster Foundation - a foundation started in the name of a teen who was murdered because she was a goth, and is committed to education in raising tolerance to difference. We are all different and no one should have to face persecution for differences of sexual orientation, disability, race and culture or expression of their personal aesthetic. This is a goth clothing and dark role play specific event and features work from the leading goth and dark fantasy creators in SL, and well as some of the best mainstream designers turning their attention to goth fashion.  A bit more than 1thousand US dollars was raised the first day - yay!

The Jessica dress I am showing from the Fair is just stunning and by *FOSCA de LES Encantades*. The gloves come with 6 different hand positions - I love the hat that comes with this. The fit of this dress is very curvy and retro but also looks fabulous and elegant on taller and slimmer avs. The skin, necklace and really fabulous wonderful (<333) eyes are by Nocturnal Couture. The skin is much more ghostly than in the pic - and I love white white skins like this - I used a sunset wind light so apologies and this has those wonderful lips. You will see more of this. The hair is by Damselfly - one of the first hair stores I ever frequented, and is a really fabulous oversweep, with a bared punkish side. These three vendors are on the rated general World Goth Fair sim Port Seraphine

*FOSCA de LES Encantades* Jessica Ruby Port Seraphine
Nocturnal Couture: Sinderella Skin_Casper Tone cleavage - appliers are available and sold separately
Nocturnal Couture: Eyes_Bold Gaze Port Seraphine
Nocturnal Couture : Bohemian Ossuary necklace -Vintage and Red Roses Port Seraphine
Damselfly: Sindy #417 Tuxedo & Faded Port Seraphine

(UNISEX)_[MANDALA]Simple_ELF_Ears on SL Marketplace
Poses: Del May