The Plastik: Asaia Skin RFL Myrralyne & other Fantasy Faire 2014 NEW RELEASES

Hi all. The Plastik is at the Fantasy Faire on the Faery Court sim. As she has over a number of years, Vae (aikea.rieko) has released a series of beautiful skins designed just for the Faire. This what she has to say about them: The Asaia Skins are a longtime in the works, finished just in time for Fantasy Faire.
There are 25 tones to choose from, ranging from dark and malevolent, to light and ethereal.
The skins come in 3 wear styles with matching MESH elven, pre-tinted elven ears.
Applier pack sold separately that included Phat Azz, Slink Hands, Slink Feet, 
Slink Fingernails, Slink Toenails, Lolas Tangos in 3 styles, and much more. 

 The RFL one that I am wearing is one of the high contrast versions, I will be showing you other versions of the skin during the Faire. I love The Plastik skins and their is a fain iridescent quality to these that I love. My new shines!

Another NEW RELEASE just for the Fantasy Faire are the  Vynn Horns. The Vynn Horns are unrigged, customizable mesh horns with an accompanying HUD. The HUD changes the pearls, the strings, and the pendants and there are so many ways to mix and match. With 20 pearls, 20 pendants, and 10 string presets, you're sure to make it fit perfectly with any outfit you have!
Two wear types included: One with pendant, and one with extra pendants. There are 25 variations to choose from and different horn types and styles. I am showing the Technomancer version. 

Another NEW RELEASE just for the Fantasy Faire are the Lys Circlets.

The Lys Circlets are 100% Mesh Fantasy circlets that are highly customizable.They come with a Metal changing hud, loaded up with ten different metals, As well as a color picker for the perfect tinting and shading. These look amazing paired with a gorgeous era-dress and a stunning undo. Comes in twenty gem options. I am showing the Galaxia forehead circlet. 

The outfit is also by The Plastik and is a recent  release Casseiopia Kini:// Galaxyavaialabel at the Main Store

The Plastik :[P]:-Asaia Skin:// Myrralyne RFL item 
The Plastik :[P]:-Lys Circlet:// Galaxia                                         
The Plastik :[P]:-Vynn Horns:// Technomancer   all at   the Faery Court 
The Plastik :[P]:- Casseiopia Kini:// Galaxy (RECENT RELEASE at Main Store
/Wasabi Pills/ Darienne Mesh Hair-Crystals Edition RFL ITEM Wasabi Pills is on Sanctum sim
 Sterling Artistry Underworld Eyes Spinel (past FF release at his store) Sadly I don't think he is at the Faire this year. 
Pose by Del May