Lost on Cursed - World Goth Fair 2014 - Bliensen & MaiTai & Silken Moon & lassitude & ennui & Damselfly & Atomic Faery

Hi all. Halfwraith here. The World Goth Fair is in full swing. Last night I went to see the wonderful concert by Jordan Reyne at Cursed with my SL cousin Miss Pips Murkly - a goth devotee who looks forward to the World Goth Fair all year - partially because when she shops it is all for a good cause.
The donation items in this Fair benefit the Sophie Lancaster Foundation - a foundation started in the name of a teen who was murdered because she was a goth, and is committed to education in raising tolerance to difference. 
Pips and I danced the night away - she looked fabulous in her new lassitude & ennui rose gown that graduated to a gorgeous green, and accessories from Bliensen & MaiTai. Her Ojo shoes were to die for - and had little eyes on the bow and matched her dress to perfection. Her Mano jewelry was so clever -skeletal hands wrapping around her wrists and neck, and she had a darling little green bag with dangling bats as accents that by the way match perfectly the gacha earrings by Bliensen & MaiTai. Her skin I was very envious of 'cause I like white skins so much - it had intense pink lips -and she told me it was from Silken Moon - called Plaster Princess. Her very vivid Purple eyes from Atomic Faery went perfectly. Anyways we danced the night away to Jordan who was so very very great and talented - and then Pips and I parted - I went home to bed - but she wanted to shop a little bit more and check out the goodies at :{MV}:  - just around the corner on Cursed. This morning though - I received word that Pips was nowhere to be found - her roommates have reported that she never came home - and from Cursed teleporting records - she never left the sim - right now I am sad to announce that an investigation is underway to discover more about her mysterious disappearance. 

 Cursed Security Camera images of the stylish Miss Pips Murkly 

Chief Investigator Postscript: In the final review of Cursed security tapes later this afternoon this unfortunate image was found. On visiting the location all that was found was Miss Murkly's dropped Bliensen & MaiTai Pipistrello bag (which became a hotly contested item among the female detectives until I insisted they did need to hand it over to be included as evidence). The area was surveyed and it was found that nothing in the area was not the creation of Lokii Violet…
Silken Moon: Plaster Princess (Slink and Wow-meh appliers available) Port Seraphine
Bliensen + MaiTai - Mano Jewelry Necklace in Silver (the Bone version is the Donation item) Cursed
Bliensen + MaiTai - WGF - Mano Jewelry Bracelets in Silver Cursed
Bliensen + MaiTai - WGF - Ojo Shoes w. HUD Green and Silver Cursed
Bliensen + MaiTai - WGF - Pipistrello Bag - Green and Silver Donation Item Cursed
lassitude & ennui Mystic dress in Rose Sium
Damselfly: Pagan: Tuxedo & Faded Port Seraphine
*Atomic Faery* Faerydust Eyes with Colour changing HUD Cursed

Ears by Mandala & Poses by Del May