Hunting on Sium: Redux & Pale Empress & Adoness & TLB & Kita's Sideshow & LNS & Couture Rock etc.

Hi all. Yesterday at the World Goth Fair - I am sad to report that my friend Pips (as in the Vampire Slayer one - you know who - the Pips who always is carrying pointy weapons and smells very strongly of garlic -  have told her - she just smiles) staked a vampire at Sium - while shopping. Really she must stop this anti-social behaviour. She even shared her smart phone pics - I excluded the final and most gruesome one to spare delicate feelings. Pips is just so nonchalant about the murder! When I expressed my horror she just shrugged. I am really rethinking this friendship since it did impact another new friendship that looked so promising.

In fact I am also very very upset to report that she in fact staked a new friend of mine - Prilla Caerndow - who I met two weeks ago and in fact I did not realize was a vampire. I should have guessed by her extreme pallor and the way she kept longingly stroking my neck when we got together for coffee - I just thought she really really liked me. And now that I recall she never did order anything…and it was always night when we went out - oh well. Anyways she was quite funny - always talking about her latest conquests and being quite droll about it. We had a lot of laughs. Now I look back - when she said she ripped off her ex-boyfriends heads - hmmm - perhaps she wasn't just using hyperbole.  I slept over at her house last week and awoke rather lethargic and she was so kind - she just fed me apple after apple! Anyways I just feel that we should not judge too harshly - she was just hungry after all - am I am sure was not the only vampire shopping at the World Goth Fair and suddenly requiring a quick nibble. 

Prilla Hunting on Sium



Pips the (Heartless) Vampire Slayer

The Huntress Hunted

On Prilla the Vampire:
Redux! Mourning Hair and Veil Shadows Sium
Pale Empress - Severina Skirt - Black Sium
Pale Empress - Severina sleeves - Black (there is also a Severina Corset to match) Sium
Pale Empress - Severina Medallion Collar Sium
Adoness: Hekate - Corset Meteor Port Seraphine
(The Little Bat) !TBL Axi Boots - pink Cursed
LNS Designs: Sophie Lancaster Secret Identity mask - Red & Black (Free Gift) Port Seraphine
Both Poses: Del May
Vampire Avatar- Coco doll

On Pips the Vampire Slayer:
Kita's Sideshow: Diesha Pastel Lavender Dress Cursed
LNS Designs: Lolly hair, with Lolly locks with colour changing bows Goth Colours - White Port Seraphine
LNS Designs: Sophie Lancaster Secret Identity mask - Black & White (Free Gift) Port Seraphine
*Couture Rock* Elite Gothic Cross Choker Port Seraphine
Nocturnal Couture: Eyes_Black Bliss Port Seraphine

XStar- Vampire Hunter Belt SL Marketplace a deal at 45L 
-Glam Affair - Coral - Jamaica - Lotus (50L Friday special)
Embody: Slayer Pose with stake SL Marketplace
(UNISEX)_[MANDALA]Simple_ELF_Ears on SL Marketplace