FF 2014 - Curious Kitties & [Gauze] & [][]Trap[][]

Hi all. Fantasy Faire 2014 is still going strong - and there is still 5 days left of the Faire. We still ahem a ways to go to match last year - so please come out to the jail and bail events and come and see all the great Relay for Life items at the Faire. You can even browse the RFL items all in one place and then TP to the ones that interest you at this link. 

Curious Kitties & [Gauze] & [][]Trap[][] have some great things again at the Faire. Curious Kitties is on the Medhir Woods sim, and [Gauze] [][]Trap[][] are at Faery Court. Curious Kitties & [Gauze] both have freebie packages out. In Curious Kitties case this is a crazy big package that includes lots of hair, ears that match the Azil skins, and even some avatars. [Gauze] has an outfit and some jewelry out as freebies. I am showing in the pictures below some RFL items from Curious Kitties & [Gauze].

[Gauze] Fenrir Armor Set - Female (Twilight) RFL item 
[][]Trap[][] Basic Blend Horns
[Gauze] Caged - Jewelry Set (FREEbie bag) Both stores are at Faery's Court.
Amacci ~ Tyne Skin - Group Gift - Cherry April 28 (Out until May 14th)
Curious Kitties: Tattoo - Fairies Blessings Magical Body Overlay FREE in Gift Box at Medhir Woods
Curious Kitties:  Nyanotech Hair [Type B] - Beautylocks V3 RFL item (only 50L) at Medhir Woods
Lips: Folly Gift at the Fantasy Faire 2014 - Lip Glitz, tintable FREE Hopes Horizon
Pose: *FN* (F*ucking Ninjas): Outbreaker Pose + Katana on SL Marketplace