Fantasy Faire Hunt 2014 - Fimbleby's Wager & The Palace of Tears

The Fantasy Faire Hunt runs May 4th- May 11th for Part One of the Hunt and May 5th- May 18th for Part Two of the Hunt.

Part One of the hunt FIMBLEBY’S WAGER lasts until the Fairelands fade away after May 11th. In FIMBLEBY’S WAGER, a loud-mouthed drunk bets that he’s smarter than you. Head for Wiggenstead Mooring and find Fimbleby in the Jolly Crocodile to match your wits against his, prove him wrong and win what others have lost before you – and an extra something that might just come in handy later… This hunt unfolds on the Wiggenstead Mooring sim. 

Part Two of the Hunt The Palace of Tears will be available for hunters longer, since it is on a separate sim that will stay on the grid until May 18th. More information to come! Updated: The Palace of Tears Hunt has begun. After you have the first pile of treasures from Mr. Fimbleby, it’s time to move onto The Palace of Tears! The Palace can be found in its namesake sim: the Palace of Tears, and it is designed solely for the purpose of this hunt.

The hunt HUD costs 250 lindens, which covers both Fimbleby’s Wager and The Palace of Tears. If you begin hunting only after Fimbleby’s Wager is gone, the HUD will be 150 lindens and cover only The Palace of Tears part of it. 
MourningvThe hunt HUDs are available for purchase Fairelands Junction and at all the landing points of the Fairelands, all the HUD money goes to RFL.