Fantasy Faire - FREE Low Lag Outfits - Beat the Lag and Look Great Doing it

Hi all. It is a lil laggy in some areas of the Faire so before you put on your shiniest of your shinies you might want to consider being low lag in style and strolling around with a bit more ease.  You can pick up some lovely low lag avatars  - (with another freebie box as well) - at any sim landing spot.
There were actually prizes given on the first day of the faire to those with the lowest scripts. There are two low lag avatars available.
One is Fantasy Faire 2014 - Low Lag 1 outfit - Koi Dragon by Selos Dae [][]Trap[][] And Yukio Ida of [Gauze] ^^(blows kiss to the creators). Both stores are at Faery's Court.

The other is Fantasy Faire 2014 - Low Lag outfit 2 - Heavenslough - Drasephier by Sweet Revolution and Lilith's Den (waves thank you). The avatar Heavenslough avatar is a little bit creepy but so cool (read the story I included below that came with the avatar below). I just hope when there are prisoners in the Heavenslough cages that need to be released that the dark Batides don't get them first. Photos were taken at Heavenslough. I love this avatar and it comes with a shape that is androgynous that men or man can wear. 

Heavenslough history  
Once upon a time, when the world was still in primitive state and the evolution just begun, a small part of the world, an isle, was left untouched. The isle remained for centuries in silent slumber, while the world around the Isle changed. Heavenslough seemed to be ruled by a spiritual energy, causing Vegetation and Civilization to become entirely unique.

Travelers came and left, bringing wares and entertainment. But mysteriously again and yet again people went  missing in the swamps and the clefted mountains - this may be the reason that nobody really dares to stay longer or settle down,  except for the androgynous parthenogenetic original inhabitants.

The probably mightiest , though tiniest creatures are the dark Batides and the bright Sylphs. They protect Heavenslough their very own way. Their high pitched warning voices seem to be all over, and with a little bit of good or bad luck one can catch a glimpse of them. The Sylphs guard and defend the memories of gone souls, near the memorial, whereas their dark cousins, the Batides, roam about the area around the water cages, to suck in the souls of the unlucky ones who - for whatever reasons- happen to end up sitting in the cages.

Well then, dear traveler, visiting the legendary land of Heavenslough, be wise and stay at the pathways, that no harm shall come upon you.