We 3 Love Role Play - theSkinnery & The Plastik & lassitude & ennui & EPOS

Hi all. If you have followed my blog for any length of time you might know by now that I love beautiful drow skins. We <3 Role Play has a really lovely one out right now from [theSkinnery] called Quiana - Bare face (drow). I think this is just really one of the most gorgeous drow skins I have tried in a long time. If you are a light skin or gray skin addict I would get this. This lovely white gown is the Aluaya Dress from the same event - and by one of my favourite designers on the grid The Plastik. In honour of GOT night of nights it is appropriately called "Stark." Since my favourite GOT family is definitely the Stark's - it is just perfect for the occasion of stretching out to watch what unfolds. I know my sister and I had a debate if our family was more Lannister of Stark - and we agreed that we were a bit more gullible and trustworthy - so yes we would get picked off one by one I am sure in the wild Westeros. The horns and necklace are the really lovely and delicate and from lassitude & ennui and also at We <3 Role Play. More great things from this event is the elegant hairstyle from EPOS - with comes in a long chignon which also comes with a ponytail option, and the set of poses from //elephante poses// called Mistress Of Evil.

[theSkinnery] Quiana - Bare face (drow)
:[P]:-Aluaya Dress:// Stark
lassitude & ennui Spring horns & jewelry set - princess
EPOS- Hair - White
//elephante poses// Mistress Of Evil

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"Inanna" Staff by Tekeli-li
Sterling Artistry: Enticing Eyes CAPTIVATION GREEN 10L