Love Hurts - Luas & Torvis Gorean Weapons

Hi all. Quick blog about the really lovely item from The Fantasy Room this month from Luas - Edrielle Golden belt and headdress- I thought it was quite lovely. It also come in a couple of other colours, and comes with a necklace that is not shown here. I paired this jewelry set with the 30L Linden weekend special from [Torvis Gorean Weapons] Shaki Silks in white (still out at the time of the blog).
Luas - EDRIELLE GOLDEN jewelry set The Fantasy Room                                            
 [Torvis Gorean Weapons] Shaki Silks White 30L Saturday                                           
!!Calico! Kismet - Whites at Fit for a Princess Event

I am loving Coco Dolls right now. Wings and bow old group gift no longer available from PXL. Pose is from MUSA from the We <3 Role Play event last spring.