Fantasy Faire 2014 - Fallen Gods and Illusions at Sanctum - New Releases and Relay for Life items to be Unveiled on May 1st!

Hi all. Fantasy Faire 2014 is coming closer and closer - less than 3 days now…starting May 1st and running until May 10th! I am an official blogger and writer for the event. There will be 9 gorgeous shopping sims - Sanctum by Alia Baroque, Asperatus by Beq Janus, Blackwater Glen, The Faery Court by Elicio Ember,  Hope's Horizon by Jaimy Hancroft, Medhir Woods by Rynn Verwood, Mourningvale Thicket by Searlait Nitschke, Heavenslough, and Wiggenstead Mooring.

 It will be a great Relay for Life Event full of fun, auctions, writing, photography, and filming. And I can't wait to see the great NEW RELEASES that await us from the many wonderful designers at Fantasy Faire including Alia Baroque who always has something amazing to offer and the wonderful creator Siyu Suen from Illusions - both stores will be at Sanctum. I can't wait to see what will be unveiled. And best all all when you participate in the Relay for Life events you help raise money that helps in cancer research. I am starting to give store shopping sim lists. Today it is Sanctum and Aperatus. 

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STATUE +Fallen Gods Inc.+ FEMALE Pack old release -  Can't wait to see what Alia Baroque has in store for us at FF 2014!!                                                           

Illusions Angel Wings  old release by Siyu Suen. Excited to see Illusions New Releases at FF2014!                                                        
Hair from EPOS We <3 Role Play Event end April 30th
Pose by Del May

Sanctum Stores

** SIM SPONSOR **     [A] Fallen Gods Inc. Alia Baroque
** STORES **
[B] Illusions Siyu Suen
[C] House of RFyre Raven Pennyfeather
[D] MacMoragh and Muse AineMari Flanagan & Fenn MacMoragh
[E] TRIDENT Laufey Markstein
[F] Atelier Visconti Stephanvisconti Resident
[G] Wasabi Pills MissAllSunday Lemon
[H] Evie’s Closet Evangeline Miles
[I] c( Two Cats One Cup ) Sei Minuet
[J] Gwen’s Hearth Gwynhwyfar Resident
[K] Decadent Courtesan vanyi Resident
[L] Ankle Biter Yuna Yuadl
[M] Balderdash Saiyge Lotus
[N] Musa Filomena Quinnell
[O] forest feast mikatsuki Matova
[P] Fuubutsu Dou Nya Alchemi
[Q] Primus Weapons Thord Karu
[A] NeoVictoria Asil Ares
** STORES **
[B] lassitude & ennui Jackal Ennui
[C] The Forge Deccan Arida
[D] StormWood Annie Ibanez & Zelest Fall
[E] BlueMoon Enterprise SolasNaGealai
[F] *BOOM* Clothing Co. Aranel Ah
[G] Unzipped Destany Laval
[H] anc Ltd. aki69 Resident
[I] AZE Jewelry Designs Amilia Zabaleta
[J] Unrepentant Jalynne Ohmai
[L] Arx Loricatus Dogma Trevellion
[M] Steaming Ahead Brogancael
[N] * GOTHIC’S MUSING * Gothicmuse Resident
[O] Grim Bros. Cutea Benelli