Bear Rider: Alchemy and a i s l i n g

Hi all. Time has run out to get some really wonderful items from Alchemy from The Secret Affair event but not for Alchemy and a i s l i n g for the We 3> Role Play event (I will be hunting yard sales for the rare Alchemy headdress from The Secret Affair)  (corrected after posting).  Alchemy is amazing me lately with the quality and imagination of what they are doing - wow. All the The Secret Affair gacha headdresses from Alchemy were drool worthy. The headdress in the pics is called Winter is Coming: Grey and as you can see from the pics is so detailed and gorgeous - this is unisex comes in two sizes and really looks great on the guys as well. The gorgeous and detailed Druid staff is also from Alchemy and is at the We 3> Role Play event. The a i s l i n g Chestlace from We 3> Role Play is comes in various sizes and is also further resizable - I can see myself using this over and over as Pips. It can be resized to fit over things or under things just peeking out. The great bear is from Just Animals.

Alchemy: Druid Staff from We <3 Roleplay Event
a i s l i n g: Chestlace from We <3 Roleplay Event
Alchemy: Winter is Coming: Grey headdress from The Secret Affair event closed (gacha item )
Hair: Tableau Vivant: Bijoux Hair: Winter Pack 
Gor Guls: Gor Gets SHORT/STUD RUST Camisk option at last week's Tuesday 25L Special                                                                           
*COCO*_Doll_Head_001V and *COCO*_Doll_Body from  thank you for creating such a beautiful av 
Coco Blue doll eyes: from *COCO*_Doll_Head_001C
Bear from Just Animals SL Marketplace he is full perm mesh so you can recolour etc.
Pose adjusted from F*cking Ninjas  Into Battle 
Bracers -Velvet Whip Edi Bracers from Love & War 30L Event gacha (event ended) I have given a store link - you may also be able to pick these up at a gacha yardsale sale

Yardsale listings for gacha items you will search the ends of SL for: